Caney Adhesive is a Polychloroprene based adhesive

Application Areas:
1-In Furniture and Carpentry Industry;
Gluing of Wood ,Synthetic Wood ,Formica,Duralit,Ply Wood,Fiber etc.
2-In Automotive Industry;
Gluing of Leather,Sole Leather and Rubber etc.
3-Gluing of other materials;
Such as cloth,Paper,Porcelain,Metal,Cark,Glass,Bacalit etc.

Direction for use:
1-Clean throughly all surfaces of free oil,water and dust before application.
2-Allow to dry,15-20 minutes after appliying sufficient adhesives on both surfaces.
3-Press the surfaces together.
CAUTION:Since the adhesive contains ''TOLUOL'' do not inhale for a long Period time.Vantilate the place.The adhesive is flammable and vaporable.