FullActive Reactive PUR Hotmelt Adhesive

FullActive Reactive hot melt adhesives are heated before processing and applied in molten state. When the adhesive cools down, it builds up its green strength through a physical hardening process. Water molecules (from the substrate or the air) then trigger a chemical reaction which transforms the adhesive into an elastomer. After complete crosslinking, reactive hot melt adhesives provide a stronger bond with a superior resistance against moisture, heat and chemicals.
The reactive groups in the adhesive will also form strong (covalent) chemical bonds with suitable reactive partners on the surface of the substrate, which significantly expands the range of adhesion.

FullActive Reactive Hot Melt Adhesives Provide the Following Benefits:

  • 100 % solids content, solvent-free
  • Highest resistance to water and steam after chemical curing (in our adhesive portfolio)
  • Highest heat resistance after chemical curing (in our adhesive portfolio)
  • High production speeds due to short setting times
  • A wide range of adhesion to different materials
  • Due to low processing temperatures, they are ideal for bonding thermoplastic foils
  • They can level out of irregularities in the surface
  • Elastic bondlines

Surfaces to be Bonded: Hardboard – Sponge – Glass – Ceramic – Aluminium – Vinyl - PVC – MDF – Hard PVC –Soft PVC – Melamine Paper and excellent bonding for different substrates.