Tamtut is an excellent adhesive used in sticking ''Hard PVC products'' to get the best result in sticking operation,the surfaces of the material must be dust and oil free and clean.
Tamtut adhesive containing tube and tins must never be hold open,the material is vaporable and the residue may harden and may be out of use for this,after the use of the material please keep the caps of the container tightly closed.
When using Tamtut Hard PVC Adhesive please follow the instructions.Written on tubes and tins.

Direction for use:
1-Clean the adhesive on both surfaces equally.After the application of the adhesive hold both sides tightly and keep stable for about 3-5 minutes.
2-Eight hours drying time should be allowed.Pressure test should be applied after 24 hours.
3-Keep away from flame and fire.Store in an cool place.