Hotmelt Adhesives for Baby Diapers

Fullbond Hotmelt Adhesives are used as a Construction Adhesive in the production of Baby Diapers. Being Rubber and Polyolefine based they can be applied on surfaces PE-Nonwoven, Nonwoven- Nonwoven with spray,fullcoating and multiline applications,

Fullbond Construction adhesives that provides high adhesion and cohesion.It is suitable for all kinds of PE/Nonwoven bonding. It gives excellent creep values and superior properties while good running properties along with high hot tack.It has good stability to the temperature.

Fullbond Hotmelt Adhesives are used as an Elastic Adhesive for bonding of Lycra and Rubber Threads;upstanding cuffs as well as PE-Nonwoven bonding and PU-foam waist barriers in baby diapers,incontinence and feminine hygiene products.

Fullbond Elastic adhesives are used to adhere elastic threads to polyolefin and non-wovens films to form elastic waist and leg bands.